Peace in Community

Practice was inside, but what a great spot for the little to enjoy during practice!

It’s no secret that a great peace is found in community. Today, I took LM1 to his first basketball practice at one of our elementary school gymnasiums.

After the rushing around, preparing to get to an 8 a.m. practice, we had a moment to breath. The littles had their coloring pencils and toys, LM1 figured out who his coaches were, and practice commenced.

And all I could see was this great little community. The players, the spectating parents, the helpful coaches. Wow! Peace spilled into my heart at the sight of it!

What a gift it is to see multiple parts working together to teach skills, build community, grow a team, and teach sportsmanship!

I was so grateful, especially after our pandemic years when none of this was available to us.

What brought you peace?

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