Peace Before Pain

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It’s easy to find peace while walking in nature or painting or reading a pleasant book. While these are things I definitely enjoy, the hardest practice of peace is finding it where it isn’t supposed to exist.

I have dental work to get done.


I tried my best to keep my teeth in check. But during the pandemic, I didn’t see a dentist for regular check ups and cleanings. Whelp, you can guess what happened.

My whole body goes into panic mode when I need to have potentially painful work done. Keeping the peace inside me with a pending dentist appointment is no easy feat.

I don’t know why I am scared of the dentist. Could it have anything to do with my childhood dentist, Dr. Hammer (no, I’m not kidding! That was her name!) Did she put the fear of God in me?

I’m so sensitive. My gums included! Woe is me! I’m terrified.

The good news is this: I can concentrate on my peace practice and pay a simple out-of-pocket fee for nitrous.

But, seriously, back to the peace.

I have a plan.

I will sit in the chair. I will ask for music. I will remind myself that our sweet seven-year-old boy had cavities and behaved like a champ. And I will focus on my breath. I will inhale and exhale. That is my only job. I will take each moment as it comes and remain present.

How do you keep peace in your mind when you’re scared? Share your thoughts! I love hearing what helps you.

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