Peace at Good Life Organic Kitchen

I love finding peace at the local businesses in our neighborhood. There are some spaces where it is so easy to breathe, to find comfort, and to build community. Such is easily found at Good Life Organic Kitchen in Exton, PA.

Grey blue walls, wood flooring and warm smiles greet me upon every arrival. A robust menu offers a variety of locally sourced, healthy, delicious options for lunchers, brunchers and snackers alike. I like to bring my kiddos in for smoothies. They like The Hulk and The Berry Nutty. While the littles sip their sweet treats, I enjoy the camaraderie offered by the shop’s proprietors.

Abbey and Tom are visionaries. They love great food, great service, and creating great atmosphere.

“We opened in February, 2020. On the heels of a pandemic, we got a good, fun combo of insanity, energy, and inspiration,” Abbey says.

A little taste of insanity seems to be the magic ingredient for this standout cafe. When they opened their doors, Good Life Cafe became a special part of s changing community.

“We’re like a little beehive,” Abbey says.

In our neck of the woods, the pandemic meant lots of students took on cyber schooling. This made them prime employees for Good Life Organic Kitchen. Abbey saw the opportunity to work with young adults, grow their skillset, responsibilities, and potential.

“For lots of our employees, we were their first job,” Abbey says. “They’re learning how to do everything. Face-to-face communication, cooking the food, time management, everything. We want them to have a safe place where they know they’re loved.”

With a room full of peaceful people, warm, friendly communicators, and compassion, it’s no wonder I feel so peaceful here. Great food is icing on the cake. I like to sit in a small alcove toward the back with my noisy bunch of kids. There are beautiful wood benches and soft boho pillows at our backs. Another kiddo scribbles at a chalkboard placed strategically at their height, encouraging creativity and joy. To say this place is family friendly would be an understatement.

Here is a place where peace is as welcome as its patrons. I encourage you to give this spot a try! Talk to the folks who work there. Learn something new. Get inspired. Join in the Good Life. This shop won’t disappoint.

What brought you peace today? Share the peace!

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