Peace in A Good Read

Sometimes when I have too much to do, it feels like the perfect time to drop everything and read in the living room.

This sounds completely counterintuitive. And counterproductive. And selfish, maybe. But I have been trying to get through Paulo Coelho’s The Valkyries and I had finally had enough of waiting to “get to it!”

I set up LM3 with her barnyard and farm animals. I got out the Fisher Price camper and a few extra Little People for good measure. Then, I chose our cozy red recliner and hunkered down with a fleece blanket.

I read for an hour. And guess what happened next?

I powered through the other tasks on deck like a monkey on crack.




I rocked my Honey-Do list like a maniac. Everything got done, and I somehow carved in an extra hour for myself. Instead of starting with my list of less-than-desirable tasks, I started my day with a total treat.

What a peaceful morning! What an awesome way to rock the the week. My recommendation is that you treat yourself, too. Because, why not?

What brought you peace this week? What are you reading? Share the peace!

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