Peace in Ray LaMontagne

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I don’t know how I found this man’s music, but I have, and now I can’t unhear it.

This man’s voice is like honey, warmed by a hot cup of tea. I like to play his music on my computer when I write and find that he is somehow the epitome of winter. I don’t want to hear him in the summer. I want to hear completely different things, like anything that is not Ray LaMontagne.

The photos I’ve seen of LaMontagne make him look like that guy from Into the Wild, both the movie actor, Emile Hirsch (p.s. coolest name ever) and the man for which the book is based. Christopher McCandless. He is hairy, humbled and unencumbered. Like the guy who plays in a local dive bar until 2 in the morning, just because he loves music and has nowhere else to go. At least, this is all that I envision when I listen to LaMontagne.

The right kind of music brings me back to myself. I crawl back into my soul, where there is only kindness, peace, and harmony.

When I need to find a peaceful moment in my day, LaMontagne’s music is a way toward it. The guitar strums, a snare drum comes in softly and that velvety voice doesn’t quite put me to sleep, but settles my soul in a magical way. I don’t know if this guy will have the same effect on you or the tune of your day, but hey, it might help. Why not give him a try?

What brought you peace today? Share the peace!

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