Peace in Therapy

Every now and again I feel like I need what I now call “a tune up.” It feels just like getting my oil changed in the car. Things aren’t running quite as they should, and I know I can feel better. There is a weight lingering on my shoulders I can’t quite shake.

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I always pull out my mental checklist and start asking myself what I need. Could it be:

  • yoga?
  • quiet reading time?
  • a healthier diet plan?
  • a break brought on by the babysitter?
  • a run?
  • a necessary disruption in what’s become a monotonous schedule?
  • a brunch out with the ladies?

I almost always attribute any shift in my thinking to “the winter blues.” It’s most often the case that NOTHING is wrong. NOTHING has changed and NOTHING needs fixing.

But sometimes, I need a tune up, nonetheless. I need a reminder of who I am and what I have to be grateful for. And sometimes, getting back to my normal self comes from a little help from a licensed professional.

I have a handful of helpful people I can turn to when I need to talk. And I find so much peace and comfort in it. I learn new resources. I learn new ways to examine problems both trivial and large. I gain some insight, and I’m so grateful for it.

I think there is a lot of misconception in our country about mental health and therapy and what all of this exists for. Does it really work? Does it make a difference? Is it still taboo?

I don’t have answers for any of those questions, but I do know this:

Sometimes Mommy needs a tune up, and I know where to schedule my time and with whom to speak. For me, it works. It brings peace.

What brought you peace this week? Share the peace.

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