Peace in Perspective

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Every now and again, I experience a total shift in perspective.

When we moved into our house in 2019, we bought it knowing that it came with a “pros” and a “cons” list, like any house on the market. Nothing is perfect. There are no unicorns.

On our cons list, I noted our house’s position on the lot. The back of the house looks out onto Route 113, which is a busy, 45 mph road. There is a woodsy patch that separates our yard, but it’s there, it’s loud, and it’s not going anywhere. Living so close to a busy road never seemed like something we would pursue. Yet, there we were in 2019, choosing a house seated right on a busy street.

Now that we’ve lived here for two years, there’s been a shift. It didn’t come quickly. I’m not even sure what brought it on. But this morning, I worked on dishes after Hubs had taken the boys down to the school bus stop. And I could see the road from the kitchen window. I could sit peacefully and wait, sip some tea, and watch for the school bus to check if the kids had missed it.

With winter’s bare branches outside, I can see everything. And I can work on my morning tasks with one eye one the road.

In reality, the road doesn’t matter at all. What matters is perspective. Everything in life can be seen through more than one lense. It’s all about which one I choose to use.

Today, when I watched the school bus slow as it drove toward the corner where my boys sat waiting, I felt nothing but peace and gladness that we live where we live. I found total peace in the fact that what most troubled me about our home is now a huge gift I never before considered.

What brought you peace this week? Share the peace!

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