Peace in The Good Ol’ Times

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This morning, for no apparent reason, Hubs found himself laughing at some silly meme on social about Blockbuster. For younger eyes, Blockbuster was a video store where you could go and rent a movie for two nights, until you lost, forgot or broke the VHS tape or DVD and then paid for it in full.

I realize that all the spiritual healing guidebooks in creation talk about living in the now. But every now and again, it’s fun to reminisce. It can bring about peace and laughter and joy. And that’s what our snowy, tea-sipper morning included this morning….Now for a few thoughts on Blockbuster.

When I was a kid, there were two smaller mom-and-pop style video rental spots and then a big Blockbuster came into town. This place was HUGE. It used to be a “Shoe Town,” which was a discount shoe store, cheaper than a DSW with long silver racks (no boxes) containing shoes.

When that went out of business, Blockbuster redid the entire shop with what felt like a million bright overhead lights, tall grey and blue display shelving, and a TON of grey wire bins filled with candies and popcorn. (My favorite was Swedish Fish, my sister liked Sour Patch Kids and Dad liked Nonpereils.)

My weekend evenings sometimes included a trip to the Blockbuster with a friend (or multiple friends) and we scoured the shelves for who-knows-how-long to land on the perfect feature film. It was usually Now and Then or Robin Hood, Men In Tights if all the newer stuff had already been checked out by early birds.

Going to Blockbuster was an event. It was part of the fun in our weekends. Sometimes we bumped into other friends. Sometimes, my sister and I convinced Dad to grab Dunkin’ Donuts from next door before heading home. We ran through the store, got yelled at for running, and felt our excitement grow over the possibilities of the films ahead. Side note: My bestie, sister, and I also went through a weird horror film period, which was intense and immensely exciting. The Shining and The Ring remain the scariest films viewed in our youth.

Nowadays, movie selection includes sitting on the couch and aiming the remote up at the tv. Or reading through reviews online and trusting the word of others before making a selection. It doesn’t exactly stir the heart.

Sometimes, peace comes from laughing at the past and enjoying the sweet, simple pleasures we shared. I can picture my sister and bestie trying to persuade me which film to watch. I remember doing the same to them. I remember the rush of excitement when we saw another friend at the store with a parent or another friend. These were days I still appreciate. Thinking back brings me peace.

What brought you peace this week? Share the peace!

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