Peace in Playdates

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on

This week we managed to schedule and execute a playdate for LM1. Since LM1 and LM2 are so close in age, I was happy to see LM2 got “invited” to join in some of the fun, too.

We don’t do playdates very often. Life seems to get busy and “playdate” is never at the top of the list.


We scheduled the playdate and OFF THEY WERE! Kiddos in flight!

Can I just tell you, I became Fly-on-the-wall-Mama for my sweet kiddos. Listening to the fun, silly, creative games they came up with was FANTASTIC. It brought such peace on my heart, I can’t even begin to describe it.

The kids had a handful of different things happening. All creative play, all building and dismantling, all giggles, and all kinds of rough housing. Were there foam swords for fencing matches? Yes, I’m afraid so. Was there an indoor snowball fight with the fuzzy balls Nana found them for Christmas? Why, yes, of course!

All of this is to say that coming off of the covid years, the return of playdates is not only important from a social standpoint, but apparently from a spectator standpoint as well.

The kids ate popcorn and orange slices and laughed their little tummies off. Did I understand any of the jokes?


Was I welcomed to participate in any of the jokes?


Did I enjoy hearing their laughter from afar?

You bet your sweet bottom, I did.

What brought you peace this week? Maybe phone a friend. Maybe share the peace!

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