Peace in Failure

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Last week something happened that felt like a complete failure. It made ME feel like a complete failure. HARSH WORDS! Yipes! (Where’s the self love, amiright!?)

But sometimes, life just feels like it does, even if only momentarily.

The worst things to happen are always opportunities. They’re signals, like a lighthouse beaming in the dark. They are areas for growth, if I care to see it that way.

I allowed myself the space to feel crusty. I allowed myself to reject peace, outright, and get grumpy. I can’t say it was my finest moment. I can’t say it was the worst, either. But I will say this….at the end of failure comes truth. And with truth comes peace.

It wasn’t a failure. Now that I’ve had time to breathe into last week, I don’t think failure is even a real thing. If everything offers an opportunity for growth, then a bump in the road is merely that– a bump, a blip, a temporary offering toward redirection.

“Well,” my brain finally said, “this isn’t working. Let’s find something that does.”

And, POOF!

There is no failure. There is no deprecating self-talk. There is only peace. There is knowledge that one projected solution is not, in fact, the solution. So, I must pursue another one.

I can’t tell you the peace that has come to me as a result of this new line of thinking. Imagine that! Failure is not a real thing: it is only a step forward, telling us when we need a directional shift. Seeing this, knowing this, and feeling this has brought peace. And for that I am grateful.

What brought you peace this week? Share the peace!

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