Peace in a Baked Potato

I have one of those kids that doesn’t eat. If you have one of these— you know what I mean. He eats just enough, but it never seems like enough. He’s picky. He’s never happy with our dinner offerings. He’ll claim to like something only to hate it a day later. Cooking in this way you can feel like a constant disappointment.

The frustration is easy enough to deal with. What is more challenging is the constant worry that his diet isn’t balanced. I’m always thinking— “He needs more protein!” “He needs vitamins and minerals!” “He needs broccoli!” “ If I could just get him to eat a cheese stick!”

In spite of my nagging concerns, he is happy and healthy. He’s growing. He’s strong and resilient in every sense of the words.

And then, when LM2 turned 6, we got a little surprise.

“I want baked potatoes and chicken for dinner.”

Resounding, clear, and certain, the man requested a meal that was more than a hotdog. Oh, and I don’t ever make baked potatoes— so the request was oddly unique.

We happily made what was asked and can you guess what happened? He nearly cleared his plate. I’ve waited 6 years for him to eat and look really satisfied. And it happened with a baked potato.

My heart just sang over this. It sounds silly. It sounds strange, but for this little mama, that brown, slightly wrinkly little potato in my oven quickly became a symbol of peace. It’s that thing that gave me pause and a sigh. And it was just awesome.

What brought you peace this week? Share the peace!

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