Sprinting into Spring

Photo by Sharefaith on Pexels.com
Squinting into sunlight
Sucking in the breeze
Running toward a pile of friends
Swapping sticks of cheese

Jumping on the foot bridge
Skipping 'round the rocks
Whooshing down the red slide
Wood chips in their socks

Swinging on their bellies
Reaching for the sky
Thirsty for a minute
Then off to make mud pie

Racing for the tunnel
Claiming favorite spots
Twisting up the metal swings
In crinkly silver knots

The gazebo is our base
Catch me if you can
Sprinting through the dandelions
Who’s the quickest man?

Thank goodness for the sunshine
The heat has finally come
Let's play until the sun goes down
Then snack when we are done. 

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