Peace in Writing

Last year I started a new writing process. I decided to create a sort of routine and an atmosphere instead of a certain theme or message within the writing itself. I decided to stop worrying so much about what I write and try to enjoy the process itself.

I decided (somehow, I have no idea how) that being a great writer isn’t as important as feeling good about the writing process.

Now I light a candle. I jack up the heat. I get into my gold slippers. And I write for the sake of writing. It’s my meditation. I don’t expect anything spectacular to come of it. I wanted mind-blowing, insightful phenomenal writing to unravel before me for such a long time that maybe I forced it. Maybe my writing was trying too hard to be something it’s not.

Writing felt good when I was a kid. It felt good when I didn’t have to do it. Now, I’ve eliminated the expectation of a grand result.

And this is the lesson of life, isn’t it? We are supposed to be having fun. We are supposed to just be who we are and take away the expectation of who we are supposed to be.

Now there is peace in writing. Because it just is.

Can this translate to any other areas of your life? Like what? Tell me. I’d love to know. Share the peace.


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