Peace in Making Time

I’ve said many times before, “I just don’t have time for that.”

I could be mistaken, but I think I can hear every single person I love saying this phrase, too, at some point or another. We don’t have time. Time is the hottest commodity on the planet.

When Hubs and I decided to have three children, time seemed to evaporate. Every single second is filled with a wonderful, curious child, asking, “Can I have…” “I need…” “Mom, would you help with…” “Let’s go!” “It’s time!” “Hurry up!”

When I first became a mom, this was excessively overwhelming. I might even use the word “depressing.” Every moment was filled with “Mom!!!” and while that in itself can overwhelm, I found myself even more agitated with the fact that I didn’t as often hear, “Dad!!!”

Time and experience have shown me to shift my mindset on a few things.

1.) I teach the kids more and more independence, showing them the joys of caring for themselves

2.) I have learned to say no sometimes

3.) I have learned to love and appreciate when I am truly needed and when my help, support, or guidance makes a big difference

Changing my mind and feelings about how I spend time strangely changes time all together. Getting hyper focused about time itself means examining what I want to make time for. What do I crave? What do I really want to spend time doing?

I have made peace with time. I DO have time. Plenty of it. Life is about being intentional and specific about how I want to spend my time. I have to make a list. For everything. Many lists. I have to write things out and see them in bold blue ink. What do I want and how can I make time for it? When I draw out a roadmap, it’s so much easier to follow through.

Time still seeps away every now and again, but that feeling essentially behaves as a reminder for me to slow down. And slowing down always brings me peace.

What brought you peace today? Share the peace!


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