Peace from Roald Dahl

Photo by Min An on I picked up a copy of Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory a few weeks ago at our local library. I was so excited to share this tale with the kiddos. It's fun to read a really long book over a few days' time and build up the … Continue reading Peace from Roald Dahl

No Difference

Photo by manu mangalassery on In youth lies wonder And stamina, too Early mornings and ceaseless awe, Afternoons filled with all things new. Then shrieking, screaming, Senseless rage Injustice done unto others or themselves, Feeling the limits and confines of this stage. They need you, and me, and our parents as well Life is … Continue reading No Difference

My Words

Photo by Madison Inouye on They mean nothing, Words are hollowVibrating thoughts Sent through the wind.But they sting,And chip,And decay inside,But how did they get in?I let them in,I invited them,Wrapped linen napkinsFor them to dine.I searched for them,Gave them names,Made them belong,Gave them wine.But they are nothing,Words are nothing.I must tell themOnly peace … Continue reading My Words