Peace at Creative Light Factory

When I drive into Spring City to learn all about the Creative Light Factory, I’m only half surprised to find it in a real factory. I notice the tall brick building from my car and think, “Hmm, well that would be perfect.”

And so it is.

The Creative Light Factory is a non-profit organization that offers a creative space for writers. Workshops, events, support, and collaboration are all commonplace in this light-filled arena, where couches and coffee are conveniently scattered aplenty. White walls, gaping windows, and friendly green plants make this place everything a writer dreams of.

When I ask president and co-founder, Patty Kline Capaldo, what led her to create such a space, she tells me, “I believe creativity enlightens people.” If creativity is so important, she purports, it deserves a place in which to thrive.

She tells me the Creative Light Factory is a place that helps people.

“Whether they’re looking to ignite a creative spark, find accountability, or find a goal, I help people by offering support.”

Patty and the artists who host workshops and events here act as sounding boards, among other things. They work with people to find their voice, a routine, and establish goals.

“I meet people and watch them blossom,” Patty says.

Such wonder is not hard to believe. Personally, I feel at peace in this space. I feel inspired to write, create, and most importantly, to be myself.

The rest of the factory is known as the Spring City Mill Studio. It is a space that houses various artists, from painters and photographers to textile creators. Every inch of this place is brimming with light. There’s an indescribable charm here, where enthusiasm for creative energy wafts in the air.

And there’s always room for growth.

“I would love to grow our membership,” Patty tells me. “I would love expand our offerings to include other creative pursuits. I would love for CLF to get noticed by the wider community.”

I would love to see this place thrive as well. There is nothing more peaceful than writing, collaboration, and development, and finding something new. I hope this space will inspire you, too. Check them out HERE.

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Peace in New Beginnings

Photo courtesy of Patty Kline Capaldo

When I asked local Creativity Coach Patty Kline Capaldo what led her to painting this past year, she told me that words had suddenly failed her. A dear writer friend and inspired artist in her own right, Patty transitioned from writing to painting during the pandemic. The shared isolation, stress, and fear carried into 2020 had many effects on many people.

“I just, I don’t know, I couldn’t find words to write,” Patty tells me.

Ever the learner, Patty discovered when one creative outlet tapers, other avenues become available.

“I have a calm energy when I paint,” she tells me. “I find myself gawking at trees, and I just want to paint them so badly.”

So she does.

“It is a refuge because I couldn’t find that state with writing. I had lost that.”

The peace in nature is so wonderfully reflected when recaptured in a painting. What’s even more peaceful, perhaps, is the peace that comes from trying something new. The lense of a beginner requires less criticism and fewer edits. Being a beginner means anything flies. It means having fun and shushing the voice in our heads.

“Being a beginner is fun,” Patty reminds me.

Willing to try something new?

Enter peace.

Willing to become a beginner at something?

Welcome peace.

For Patty, it doesn’t stop there. She will participate in a Fundraising Event at Creative Light Factory this Saturday, November 20th from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. She’ll sell her paintings alongside fellow artists. She’s putting herself out there, showcasing her art, and welcoming all the new experiences to follow.

When I leave Patty’s workspace, I feel a surge of peace. I’m happy for her. She’s brimming with positive energy, and we both know good things are ahead.

What has brought you peace this week? Share the peace!

Want to connect with Patty for coaching, questions, or to purchase her art? You can find her on Facebook and Instagram.