Glowing Peace

Today we had an unexpected knock at the door. It was our neighbor. A high school kid, sent over by his mom to deliver Halloween goodies. He was so kind, a perfect delivery guy for our three littles.

We missed their house this year for trick-or-treating. But they didn’t miss us. How lucky are we? Our special delivery today included something really special: glowsticks.

My littles quickly ate all their dinner. And put on coats and shoes without a fuss. And headed for the night sky.

They ran and skipped and jumped and rolled on the grass in the cold, cold darkness for thirty minutes. From 7-7:30.


They were the epitome of joy, exuberance, and peace. I couldn’t have been more thankful. Why didn’t I think of glowsticks on Halloween before?

“I want to put mine in the freezer,” LM2 said when it was time to come in.

“Can we use it again tomorrow?” LM3 wanted to know.

“Maybe,” I said.

It was such fun to see my kids pretending to be glowing bats, unicorns, spiders, flickering in the dark yard. A little kindness goes a long way. And tonight, the peace in our family glowed.

What brought you peace today?

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