Peace on the Floor

I’ve always been a person who enjoys being on the floor. No shoes. Comfy pants. Legs curled up under myself. I’m the pretzel mom, always twisted up, on my belly, legs askew.

My kids are no different.

This surprises no one.

Tonight, my little family found itself on the floor, counting through Halloween candy. LM1 likes to organize, sort, and categorize. LM2 likes to spread things out, creating a mosaic so he can understand what he’s got. LM3 just likes to dump stuff everywhere. Because it looks cool and sounds fun and messes are her thing.

All five of us were on the kitchen floor. Grounded. Chillen.

And I wasn’t thinking about the dishes or homework or showers or bedtime. We were so happy, spread out, in the middle of a little mess. It was peaceful and fun.

It’s moments like these I seek in each day. The quiet. The peace. The stillness that reminds me everything is more than just ok. It’s awesome. It’s life.

What moments of stillness did you find today?

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