Green Peace

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Yesterday we got an alert on our Alexa device in the kitchen.

“Freeze Warning in effect for November 3rd!”

It made me laugh to think of our yellow glowing notification from the kitchen robot, as I call her. The blinking ring reminds me of all kinds of strange things. Then I smiled. How grateful I was! There were still a few plants outside on the porch that needed to come inside. Here was a gentle nudge to get me to work.

LM2 is my garden baby. He loves plants almost as much as I love them. Since we have Wednesday afternoons to ourselves, he was happy to help me bring in, repot, and arrange our plants in the dining room. This is the space I’ve selected to winter the plants I can’t part with from the summer porch decor.

“Now we have a jungle plant room!” he said.

He decided which plants should live where. He picked new pots for a few we trimmed back, rearranged, or gave a bigger home to. He snipped leaves and pruned with the little blue scissors I use on this occasion (I may have swiped them from Daddy’s fishing room, but I imagine Daddy can use the Big Boy scissors).

I even slipped out of the house for twenty minutes to retrieve a new wooden bench- a Facebook Marketplace find (thank you!). It would get the plants off the floor while preserving the woodsy feel I like to keep in the house. LM2 loved the bench and the added dimension it brought to our plant display.

When we were done, we misted Frank, the fiddle leaf fig in the living room.

LM2 was so busy with these tasks. Then he was thrilled to have found a new home for our Umbrella Tree, he asked if we could name the plant and draw a picture.

“Bob,” he said.

“He looks like a Bob to me, too,” I said. “I can’t believe we never named him before.”

We were so peaceful. For a few hours. Fiddling and tinkering with our greens. LM2’s picture was just beautiful. We were so happy and calm and connected. It was lovely.

Moments like these help me to breathe and remember what’s really important. LM2, Frank, Bob, and all the cuties to come. I just know LM2 will have plant babies in his future and I’m excited to see what blooms.

I couldn’t put this down and simply decided not to! It’s on my nightstand for the long haul!

What brought you peace today?

Resources I can’t get enough of:

Hilton Carter’s Wild at Home

Check him out! CLICK HERE

Need a new mister? I just love these from Terrain!

I would love a glass mister, too, but I keep a few plastic ones around the house so the kiddos can help me mist! Amazon sells them, too.

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