Peace on the Water

Marsh Creek is one of our favorite places.

Being on a boat has been a place of peace for me and Hubs for many years. Now that the littles are aged 7, 5, and 3, the boat can become a bigger part of their lives, too. They know the rules: no big movements, wear your life vest, don’t hook your sibling with the bait hook.

Yesterday, our school district honored the celebration of Diwali and we had a day off from school.

“We don’t celebrate Diwali,” LM2 told us.

What a great learning opportunity.

“Then we should learn how others do,” I said.

I got out the Epic app, found a few books about Diwali and we read over pancakes and sausage links. We always find peace when we sit down to learn together. It was neat. Epic had so many books! So thankful!

We learned Diwali celebrates a new year in the Hindu faith.

“And there are sparklers!” LM2 announced. That was his favorite part of the celebration.

Then we took to the water. All five of us on Daddy’s bass boat. To celebrate life and joy and happiness in the best way we know how— in puffed up life vests, rods in hand, a cool breeze in our faces.

And, of course, thankfully, there was peace.

LM3 mentioned once she was bored. A new phrase for her, though I’m not sure from where.

“Stare at the clouds, I told her.”

“Find the one that looks like a large mouthed bass.”

She didn’t stare for long, but she definitely began the search. It made me smile.

Yesterday, our peace came from the celebration of life. And we were happy to partake.

What brings you peace? Share in the comments!

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