Peace in the Park

A park near our home, surrounded by farms, pastures, and horses. This is a favorite spot all days of the year, where imagination seems to run as wild as our kids. Here is yet another place of peace that warms and captures our hearts.
Crisp leaves the
Color of apricots and
Ginger ale
Crunching beneath
White rubber soles and
Tiny toes the size of
Newborn bunnies.

A bouncy seesaw and 
Pumping swings,
A rocking zip line bounces 
Against its spring, then they're
Running fast to beat the 
Blades from losing 
All their green.

The fields are quiet while
Children laugh,
Play with us!
They plead.
Summer's not yet done,
They shriek with
Ruddied cheeks.

But the trees have been 
Dipped in brown caramel,
Their rusted coppers quick to leave.
And the breeze is
Stronger than yesterday
Then light fades
Fast asleep.

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