Peace at Lunchtime

Today I tried something new with the littles. I eat lunch everyday with LM2 and LM3. It can get a little chaotic on days when my little people are HANGRY. Thankfully, today wasn’t that day. We were all in a good mood. We were all peaceful to begin with. In my world, that means there is extra room for creativity to sneak in.

“Let’s make ants on a log,” I said.

I always find we need to supplement the PBJ sandwich, otherwise everyone is hungry within an hour and a half. I hadn’t tried celery with the kids, outside of cooking it in soups and such.

“I don’t like raisins,” LM2 was quick to inform me.

“We don’t need to put raisins on them,” I said.

“What if we make frogs on a log?” LM2 suggested.

“What’s that?”

“M&Ms on celery!”

We still have mini M&Ms in the pantry from Halloween. We negotiated before agreeing 2 frogs per log would be ok.

LM2 was incredibly focused while he prepared our frogs. He informed me that the red ones were poisoned dart frogs. After a little research, we learned that the red, blue, and orange M&Ms would suffice for poisonous frogs. (LM2 knows what these little guys are thanks to Coyote Peterson, who is basically the coolest human on earth.

Photo by Thierry Fillieul on

We had a great time, filled our bellies, and found ourselves at a very peaceful luncheon. There was something to learn, something new to try, and something to enjoy. I recommend this!

What brought you peace this week? Please, share the peace!

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