Peace in Bok Choy

I picked up some bok choy last week at the grocery store without any knowledge of what to do with it. I’ve ordered dishes with bok choy in it and thought, “I like this! I can make this work!”

Photo by Laker on

There is nothing more peaceful than making space for focus. I fixated myself on finding something awesome to do with my bok choy, and OH BOY! What an adventure.

After scrolling through various recipes, I stumbled upon this one from The Forked Spoon, for an asian fusion kind of soup. I added a few ingredients of my own, like fish sauce, chives, and baby portobellos. The grocery store had some nice super thin rice noodles that cooked super fast (who knew?) making the dish feel restaurant quality in no time.

That’s what I tell myself (and Hubs) when something tastes really great.

“You could TOTALLY get this in a restaurant!” I say. “Don’t you just feel like we bought this off a truck somewhere in an asian market?”

“Do they sell a lot of food out of trucks?” he asks.

I have no idea. I just say weird things when I’m excited.

My afternoon in the kitchen made me think of Chef, the 2014 Jon Favreau movie about a chef who learns his passion is to cook out of a food truck– for a while, anyway. At some point my curiosity led me to watch some “behind the scenes” footage on the movie. I watched an actual chef teach Jon Favreau how to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. He said something like, “this sandwich, this bread, this cheese, this is all that exists right now.”

Check out the scene from the movie if you’re feeling inspired by cheese and bread (who isn’t?).

Jon Favreau makes the perfect grilled cheese sandwich, but never reveals WHICH CHEESES!!!!

This all makes me think of focus. Anything is fun and peaceful and completely lovely when I allow myself to be fully present.

So, this week it was bok choy soup that got me there. What brought you peace this week? Share the peace!

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