No Difference

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In youth lies wonder
And stamina, too
Early mornings and ceaseless awe,
Afternoons filled with all things new. 

Then shrieking, screaming, 
Senseless rage
Injustice done unto others or themselves,
Feeling the limits and confines of this stage.

They need you, and me, and our parents as well
Life is yet theirs to behold. 
I can't reach, he yells, That's not fair, she screams
And we need only say, "You can when you're old."

But such paradox is shared.
Life is both great and troublesome. 
What they do not know 
Is the autonomy yet to come. 

When I do what I say and dream what I please
And quest for the meaning of life. 
Life becomes choices, and many at that,
Some full of peace while others bring strife. 

Life is a mystery, repeating itself
With wonder, awe, strife and pain 
We're hardly different, them and us
Thank god we're all the same. 

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