Peace in Christmas Music

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Whelp, in my world this week, I’ve had a nice, comfy little bad mood following me around for a few days. Kind of like a cold or a tummy ache…it persists. WHO KNOWS what is so darn upsetting. (Could it be my period? Yes, yes it could, but why only blame the flow when I can find countless nonsensical reasons for my crabbiness?

So, I find I must breathe. I must stop in my tracks and relax. I must escape the bad mood.


Lately, I have been listening to the Home Alone soundtrack and find it helps.

Hear me out, people! It’s a bunch of choir Christmasy music with sweet little voices hitting all the high notes. I’ve also asked Alexa to play ONLY Christmas Carols on Pandora. There’s something that sounds less commercial about it. I miss the church songs that we only get to hear on that one night of the year. Since our family has stopped going to church (that’s a whole other story) I find that the music is still floating peacefully around my heart.

What brought you peace this week? Share the peace!

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