Peace in Jumanji

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I always loved the book Jumanji as a kid. The story is so fantastic, the pictures are phenomenal, and I just love a fun storyline. Recently, I tried to convince my own kids that it was totally awesome, explaining that the game comes alive and crazy things happen.

“You will be amazed!” I told them. “Let’s watch the movie.”

“That sounds terrible,” LM1 said. “And scary. I don’t like to be scared.”

I forget all too easily how scary movies can be. Deciphering between what’s fiction and what can really happen in not simple for the littles.

Even so, I somehow convinced the 3/5 of the family to watch the Robin Williams version of Jumanji with me. LM2 and LM3 loved it, fascinated by the animals suddenly stampeding through the living room. LM1 gave it a try but was ultimately scared enough to announce, “This is not for me,” before venturing off to find his Legos.

Then, this week I made it to our kids’ library to help put library books back on the shelves. I managed to be there at the same time that LM2 had his library class, so I could help him choose library books.

And guess what we found?

Jumanji, by Chris Van Allsburg.

Only, this book came with a CD, featuring Robin Williams as the reader of the story!!!

What an opportunity for peace. I know, I know, this sounds crazy. How could this scary book be peaceful? Well, for this mama, our storytime became a moment when the kids were quiet and concentrated and thrilled to discover a new book. And they had the opportunity to hear “some guy” they don’t even know how much to appreciate. What was already a beautifully illustrated, action-packed book got even better.

We had a fantastic afternoon, listening to the book over and over again. And I felt some kind of magical nostalgia for one of my favorite actors of all time. I could also zone out and meditate a little, while the kids were completely satisfied.

What brought you peace this week? Share the peace!

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