Peace With Pop-Its

Photo by Brett Jordan on

Last year’s back-to-school season taught us that Pop-Its are all the rage in elementary school. Who knew? This past Christmas, Santa brought everyone his own Pop-It toy. The kids mostly use them on the bus to help pass time during the ride to school, since we are one of the first bus stops in the morning.

But last week, I started something fun and new that I thought I might pass along.

When the kids are not being especially kind to one another, I’ve taken to using the Pop-It as a counter for compliments. I put the toy in the middle of us and we go around in a circle saying kind things about each other. Every kind phrase earns a pop. We try to fill up the whole circle. Sometimes we do. Sometimes we don’t.

This sounds lame, even as I type it. But you know what? It transitions our kiddos from their momentary tantrumy less-than-kind mental state. (Those moments find us at some point each day!) The kids focus on kind words for a few minutes. And this simple practice changes the tone of the room. It even makes me feel better.

I’ve heard parents complain about Pop-Its before, but this sort of use has a place in our home. It brings kind words and peace.

What brought you peace this week? Share the peace!

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