Peace in a Generous Heart

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on

This morning we rose to snowfall! How wonderful it is to be trapped by the snow on a Saturday morning. With the kiddies visiting their grandparents, our house was as quiet and peaceful as the snowfall.

When I finally rose, after 11 hours of sleep (hurray!) I found a generous offering on our kitchen table. Hubs made my favorite breakfast (eggs over easy with cheese, avocado, ham & hotsauce) and served it up like a regular Bed and Breakfast proprietor. Did I tip the chef? You bet I did.

The only thing I could feel after a restful night, a peaceful morning, and a full tummy was gratitude. How generous we were to one another. Some days feel so busy that generosity slips away. 3 kids, 5 schedules, 4 meals, and at least 4 car rides to someplace each day doesn’t always leave room for generosity.

Or does it?

The spirit of generosity can be kept alive if I make the effort. And so I shall! Generous hearts bring nothing but peace to the heart and mind. So here’s my plan– to be conscious and make the effort. To keep generosity alive each day.

What brought you peace this week? Share the peace!

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