Peace in My Little Pilea

More than a year ago, I bought a little pilea plant and named her Pilar. She lived in my bathroom for a while, in a pretty blue glazed terra cotta pot, enjoying the humidity and growing all fine and dandy.

But she wasn’t producing pups. Or at least, not many. In over a year’s time, she sprouted only one, which I gave to my mother-in-law in the tiniest pot I owned.

This year, for reasons I can’t even describe, I decided Pilar should live in the family room. There are a ton of large windows with great light in there. I figured she might brighten up the space, especially since her leaves are so unique and fun.

And guess what happened?

3 months in the family room led to……

3 new pups!!!!!

They have roots and leaves and are growing just perfectly. I love that sometimes a change of scenery is just what the doctor ordered— even for plants!

I took the greatest pleasure is repotting one of the pups with my son this week. We brought Pilar outside to the side porch, dug down into the soil, found the perfect spot to break the root, and created a new space for a new plant. It was so much fun and brought so much peace. I keep mini terra cotta pots and saucers in my potting shed for just this occasion. Finding use for a pot brings me so much joy.

What brought you peace this week? Share the peace!

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