Peace in Anticipation

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This week I finally bucked up and hosted a yoga class in the studio. I think I’ve been dreaming of this for somewhere around 8 years, ever since I completed my Yoga Teacher’s Training. I always imagined this space where I would teach, but it never quite came to be.

Until now.

This past year, Hubs and I built it: we created an additional space where we can create, build, meditate, entertain, you name it. It is rich with peace. For years, I’ve sought a meditative space to find quiet solitude and peace. Now that the space exists, guess what I want to do with it?


All I want to do is share this space and bring others to enjoy what yoga has done for me all these years.

As I prepared to host my first yoga class in the studio, my heart sped up like a wild wind blowing.

I was nervous.

I needed to find peace in my anticipation.

So I told myself a story. I said, “Your very best friends will come. And you will share what you’ve always shared with them: peace.”

I repeated this story to myself over and over again, like a mantra, looping in my mind.

“Don’t worry. Your very best friends will come. And it will feel like any other day when you share your peace.”

And guess what happened?

My thoughts became a beautiful reality.

It was not easy. And I still felt a little queasy in the days leading up to class. But I slept through the night, which was incredible because usually, my building anticipation leads me to lose sleep. I turned on the “repeat” button in my head, making a choice to tell myself positive thoughts instead of listening to the anxiety of the anticipation.

What brought you peace this week? Share the peace!


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