Peace in Encouragement

As a parent, there seems to be a fine line between encouragement and pushing.

As the kids try out new activities, they need encouragement. They want to feel great about their activities, but they like some more than others.

Our oldest son has tried baseball, soccer, swimming and tennis. Our middle son has tried soccer, football, gymnastics and art classes. Our youngest has tried ballet and soccer.

I’m not a pusher by nature. I don’t like anyone feeling forced into anything, whether it’s attending a social function or eating dinner. I like to think kids have some of their own self regulation and need space to figure out what they like, want, and need.

But there are times when parenting requires encouragement. Helpful, maybe painful, scary encouragement.

LM3 tried out soccer for the first time this spring. She HATED IT.

Cried every week.

Held my hand.

Wouldn’t actually play soccer.

But for some reason, Hubs and I had a feeling this was her thing. It just seemed like something she would love.

So we encouraged her.

We gave no fuel to her terror fire.

And then, one week, her fear disappeared. And she couldn’t wait to get to “soccer island,” as coach calls it.

There’s something to be said for pushing through minor discomforts. Because on the other side, we sometimes find a ton of fun. What a great lesson for everyone, and not just LM3.

Seeing her tackle fear and turn it into fun brings peace on my heart. At the end of three weeks of tears, we found incredible joy. And that keeps me going all week long.

What brought you peace this week? Share the peace.


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