Peace In Mindset Coaching

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In my endless search for peace, I recently stumbled upon the incredible privilege of talking with Mindset Coach, Elizabeth Hope Derby. Have you ever heard of a mindset coach before? What does this kind of coaching entail? Does your mind need setting?! What is happening?!

Well, I will tell you. A mindset coach is an individual who, in Elizabeth’s words, can “define your vision,” “free your voice,” and help you “own your value.”


I have known Elizabeth for a long time. But recently, the growth and development of her coaching business led me to ask more, more, more questions about this fascinating world of hers. And since she is 100% committed to learning, growth, and mastery, she honors every opportunity to spread the word on what she does and how it works.

While Elizabeth works primarily with business owners and entrepreneurs, at her core, this intelligent, present, enthusiastic woman knows how to talk to people. She understands something fundamental and extraordinary about life and how to function in it. She knows how to help people find peace and fulfillment. She recognizes that, “What you actually need is to cultivate the courage to create.”

Elizabeth and I spoke for nearly an hour about her coaching, her journey, and how she’s come to do what she does. As in all other areas of her life, Elizabeth speaks in her bubbly tone, while remaining candid and honest. She speaks with authority about coaching because she knows it so well.

“I became became a coach to help people embody the clarity and confidence we develop on paper… to uncover the truth of what they really want, then go out there and live it,” she says. When I ask for clarity on this, Elizabeth explains that, “I believe each one of us possesses a unique blend of skills and passions that, if leveraged in service for the highest good of all, allows us to play our vital role in the global ecosystem.”

She is the kind of person who fully acknowledges that every single person matters. And that means something to a person like me, who wants to see the good in everyone, to find the peace in each of us and to help promote that.  

Elizabeth goes on to tell me that, “I can’t stand seeing people (especially smart, strong women) put their passions on hold or talk themselves out of pursuing their true desires because they’re getting steamrolled by self-criticism and systems that oppress the power of feminine skills and strength. The world needs leaders who are willing to wield their creativity, sensitivity, nurturing, and compassion as tools for justice and wealth creation.” 

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to speak with an individual who knows how to access the super-highway to our own amazingness. Elizabeth asks real questions and provides real talk to hone in on what her clients would love to accomplish. She helps to refine her clients’ mindset so they can think clearly. Then she finds and articulates real next steps toward success.

How does she do all this and more?

She listens.

She remains present.

She thinks.

And she acts.

With compassion, empathy, and dedication.

I left my conversation with Elizabeth feeling peaceful. Aside from the fact that she’s witty, hilarious, insightful, and fun, she is a business savvy lady who knows what success looks like (in all its forms). She clearly knows knows how to help others achieve it. She is not a therapist. She is a coach, and she seeks to show you how to achieve your dreams.

She’s the person you call when you’re ready to step into your joy. She is the person to call when you have been fighting self doubt, comparisonitis, and/or dissatisfaction for TOO LONG. Elizabeth is the coach who helps you get on track with goals that will mean something to you. But Elizabeth, specifically, is the coach you call when you are ready to do the work.

If you’re interested in learning more, I can’t recommend Elizabeth more highly. Check her out on her website or instagram handle. You will be impressed, pleased, and oh, so peaceful that you’ve finally taken a step in the right direction.

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Peace in Disappointment

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This past weekend, we took a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo with our kiddos (I can’t believe it’s only 30 minutes away!). It’s a really nice zoo, fairly well maintained, and full of great animals. The weather was sunny and about 50 degrees. There are about four “indoor” exhibit spaces, so we were able to break up the day nicely, warming up when it was needed.

While the day was pretty close to perfect, something else happened at the end of the day that really made an impression on me…. I’m still thinking about it days later, so it seems share-worthy.

LM2 waited patiently all day to see the Reptile House. It’s his favorite. He likes snakes and lizards. The reptile house might be my least favorite, but it’s fun to see him get excited about animals that slither.

This trip, we walked the opposite direction than we usually do, getting to the hippos and zebras first, and then working our way back toward the zoo entrance. This means we saved the reptile house for last. We got there just around 4 p.m., giving us plenty of time before the zoo’s close at 5 p.m. to explore our scaly little friends.

Or so we thought.

Apparently, in the winter months, the zoo closes their indoor exhibits at 4 p.m.


Well, for a six-year-old-snake-lover, this news was close to devastating. There were tears. Many tears.

But you know what? After that we were given an opportunity to teach our kiddos about disappointment and appropriate reactions and how to deal with our feelings.

We hugged. We cried. We calmed down.

We told our little man that sometimes, things happen. Sometimes, we don’t know all the information about a place we’ve visited. Sometimes, life surprises us and it stinks. But we can make our day great or not so great. It’s a choice. Life is a choice. Our reactions are all choices. We can breathe and get calm and realize that disappointment is a fine feeling, but if we let it last longer than it needs to, it will only serve to ruin the day. And it is ultimately our choice how we react and view the day.

LM2 bounced back.

We went home without bribery that we’d “get an ice cream” or “a new toy” or any of the things that might make a person feel better. We talked about the things we loved about the zoo. We promised to go back another time to see the reptiles. We made plans for an awesome dinner and some well-needed rest in the car.

I wanted to break out into a verse or two of “My Favorite Things,” from The Sound of Music. But we didn’t need that. In no time at all, we were ok. And the peace of seeing how well LM2 handled the situation has multiplied every time I think about it. I’m so proud of him.

When we talked about our time at the zoo later in the week, the reptile house came up. The disappointment came up. But it was quickly alleviated with the phrase, “Next time!” and we remembered to focus on the good stuff from our day at the zoo. And that brings upon my heart nothing but peace.

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Peace at Gardners

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Y’all know there’s not much that I love more than finding peaceful, awesome local businesses. Today, in my search for peace, I had to pop over to Gardners Landscape and Nursery in Chester Springs, PA. This spot is conveniently located just off Route 113, real near another fan favorite, The Chester Springs Creamery at Milky Way Farms.

The nursery has so much to offer, and the best part is that they don’t back down during the holidays.

“You know it’s like, winter, right?” Hubs told me when he heard my plans to venture out for plants.

I laughed. He laughed. I’m well aware of the changing seasons. But today it was 55 degrees in PA! That means I had enough warmth in my bones to move around outside and dig my fingers in the dirt (yaaasssss, I know I should wear gloves more often. I’m gross and it’s totally fine. I even touched a worm today, no big deal).

Today I wanted evergreen arrangements for the front porch and Gardners is where it’s at!

The shop features a huge greenhouse, which houses an impressive collection of indoor plants. This time of year, walking through the space feels just like being at Longwood, only each item at Gardners is available for purchase.

Their wreaths are gorgeous, offering a mix of sizes, colors and textures. Who knew there was so much pine to play with?

They also have a ton of crafty items if you want to build your own arrangements. It’s like Build-A-Bear in there, except you’re making grown-up treats for everyone to enjoy. Their inventory is so well curated, I can’t help but feel impressed each year.

This shop is a happy place for me. It’s a space that offers peace. I can wander around, allow my mind to settle and get creative. When I need extra inspiration, there are busy hands working to create new items each day. I recommend you pop in and see what they have. I can’t say I’ve ever made a trip there without feeling wildly impressed and incredibly peaceful.

I left with some evergreen arrangements that I absolutely love. And when I look at our front door, I feel ready for the holidays.

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Thanks to the sites below for their added inspiration! Maybe something will spark your interest, too.

Peace at Creative Light Factory

When I drive into Spring City to learn all about the Creative Light Factory, I’m only half surprised to find it in a real factory. I notice the tall brick building from my car and think, “Hmm, well that would be perfect.”

And so it is.

The Creative Light Factory is a non-profit organization that offers a creative space for writers. Workshops, events, support, and collaboration are all commonplace in this light-filled arena, where couches and coffee are conveniently scattered aplenty. White walls, gaping windows, and friendly green plants make this place everything a writer dreams of.

When I ask president and co-founder, Patty Kline Capaldo, what led her to create such a space, she tells me, “I believe creativity enlightens people.” If creativity is so important, she purports, it deserves a place in which to thrive.

She tells me the Creative Light Factory is a place that helps people.

“Whether they’re looking to ignite a creative spark, find accountability, or find a goal, I help people by offering support.”

Patty and the artists who host workshops and events here act as sounding boards, among other things. They work with people to find their voice, a routine, and establish goals.

“I meet people and watch them blossom,” Patty says.

Such wonder is not hard to believe. Personally, I feel at peace in this space. I feel inspired to write, create, and most importantly, to be myself.

The rest of the factory is known as the Spring City Mill Studio. It is a space that houses various artists, from painters and photographers to textile creators. Every inch of this place is brimming with light. There’s an indescribable charm here, where enthusiasm for creative energy wafts in the air.

And there’s always room for growth.

“I would love to grow our membership,” Patty tells me. “I would love expand our offerings to include other creative pursuits. I would love for CLF to get noticed by the wider community.”

I would love to see this place thrive as well. There is nothing more peaceful than writing, collaboration, and development, and finding something new. I hope this space will inspire you, too. Check them out HERE.

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