Peace in NYC

I made it back to NYC after spending years away. I feel like a tourist, mostly because I am. I do not feel like a New Yorker, anymore. I notice different things than I did before, and it's strange to think how much my perspective has changed. There are weed shops everywhere, which doesn't bother … Continue reading Peace in NYC

Peace in Differences

Photo by Pixabay on A few weeks ago we had an interesting moment when I noticed a beautiful difference between our sons. The magic of their strong comparison made me pause and feel gratitude. My husband's aunt was not doing well and had been sent to the hospital. We thought we might lose her … Continue reading Peace in Differences

Peace and Love In My Thirties

I've recently become obsessed with a reality show on Netflix called "Indian Matchmaker." It's about an Indian Matchmaker named Sima Taparia. She's from Mumbai and is, according to the show, the top matchmaker there. This lady is clever, kind, and seemingly very good at her job. She understands something about people that they don't understand … Continue reading Peace and Love In My Thirties