Peace in the Wake

I was listening to one of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s audio books on my Libby app the other day. His voice is very calming and peaceful, and there’s something super cool to me (lately) about enjoying things that are FREE and FABULOUS. Like the Libby app with old books and old wisdom for me to devour.

Dr. Dyer was discussing how our personal histories are like the wake behind a boat.

My ears shot up at this analogy. With a fisherman for a husband, all boat, water, and fishing analogies somehow hit home. This fact makes me laugh because the angler himself generally reacts well to sports analogies……but, hey, whatever works for ya!

So this audio book, 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace, said something along the lines of this: our personal histories are like waves behind the boat we drive. They have no impact whatsoever on how we drove the boat; they are merely ripples in the water. The wake does not drive the boat, but merely falls behind it.

This is so powerful to me. And it offers so much peace. I wonder how long I’ve thought that wake had so much more to do with the person I am. Certainly, our experiences shape us, but they don’t have to weigh us down or define us.

I tried to think of all the horrible, terrible stories I’ve told myself.

“You’ll never be x because you’ve always been y.”

“Even as a child, I’ve always been so….”

“I can’t do that because I’m just….”

The list can, sadly, go on and on.

But it won’t. Because it doesn’t have to. And now that I’m more conscious of it, it simply will not.

It brings my heart so much peace. And I hope this little find brings you peace as well.

What brought you peace this week??? Share the peace!

Peace in the Creek

There’s something about green leaves around a watery pool that melts my heart. Must have something to do with all those summers in the Catskills, climbing up to the waterfalls.

Our little family finally caught COVID. I say finally because it felt inevitable and, sure enough, we caught it on our vacation out west.

It was a strange and terrible virus for us. We were as sick as we’ve ever been.

Isolation can always be hard.

With three little kids, we came to a point at which some of us had finished coughing and feeling crummy, while others had lingering symptoms.

We were in need of sunshine, the outdoors, and a return to something normal to raise spirits and take in vitamin D. In the midst of a heat wave, I tried to think of a quiet, isolated place for us to go.

Thankfully, the Brandywine River runs through our town (and several towns surrounding us). It wasn’t too hard to find an empty parking lot where we could walk to a creek access point for some gentle splashing and wading.


I never felt better in my life.

There was no one around. The shade and cool running water were intoxicating. We’ve been so blessed with membership to a swimming pool this summer that I nearly forgot about the magic of the creek.

Nature is an elixir.

Returning to nature felt like a return to ourselves.

I made sure not to spend too much time in the heat. I made sure to limit our playtime so as not to tire anyone out or push us too much.

But the water was so healing. The quiet babble of the water over stones, the birds chirping, a car driving in the distance; it all seemed to take us away from ourselves.

It was so joyful. And so peaceful. And everyone smiled and laughed and played for what felt like the first time in a long time.

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Peace in My Little Pilea

More than a year ago, I bought a little pilea plant and named her Pilar. She lived in my bathroom for a while, in a pretty blue glazed terra cotta pot, enjoying the humidity and growing all fine and dandy.

But she wasn’t producing pups. Or at least, not many. In over a year’s time, she sprouted only one, which I gave to my mother-in-law in the tiniest pot I owned.

This year, for reasons I can’t even describe, I decided Pilar should live in the family room. There are a ton of large windows with great light in there. I figured she might brighten up the space, especially since her leaves are so unique and fun.

And guess what happened?

3 months in the family room led to……

3 new pups!!!!!

They have roots and leaves and are growing just perfectly. I love that sometimes a change of scenery is just what the doctor ordered— even for plants!

I took the greatest pleasure is repotting one of the pups with my son this week. We brought Pilar outside to the side porch, dug down into the soil, found the perfect spot to break the root, and created a new space for a new plant. It was so much fun and brought so much peace. I keep mini terra cotta pots and saucers in my potting shed for just this occasion. Finding use for a pot brings me so much joy.

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Peace in Their Happiness

I’ve read plenty of books that espouse the idea that happiness exclusively comes from within. Deep joy and satisfaction come from the light inside each of us and it is our job to nourish and develop that solitary, individual light. In other words— depend only on yourself to seek and find happiness.

In spite of this, there are exceptions to everything. Lots of times, deep seated joy comes from I’m others. Today, I found peace and joy in the light brought forth from my children.

It was the first day of summer camps for my boys this week. They are both finally at an age when their independence is FUN. Doing things without Mommy is interesting and exciting now.

Knowing this made me excited for camp week. But I was surprised to find the greatest peace rushed into my heart after camp pickups. Both boys had so many exciting things to report back. Their adventures were abundant, new, and full of energy. They have stories to share— and plenty of them.

My heart rested into that peaceful space I think many mothers know well. When your children are thriving and happy and encouraged and enthusiastic all on their own. I don’t feel pride that I’ve somehow raised them to appreciate things. Pride doesn’t feel like the right word at all.

It’s peace.

I feel total peace knowing that my kids are finding themselves. Knowing that they are learning and growing into themselves in a way that makes them feel wonderful.

This week, I’m grateful and at peace knowing that my kids are learning to find joy on their own. And that is pretty special.

What brought you peace this week? Share the peace!