Peace in Bulbs

With colder weather well on its way here in the northeast, I find myself hibernating from my sweet planties outside. I miss them but spend little time with my hands in the soil.

But I’m learning that winter is a great time for planning and dreaming and scheming for my garden.

Photo by Gary Moore on

This week, I found a soft spot grow in my heart when I had the opportunity to talk about plants a little bit with my step dad. We sat on the couch, warmed up by the living room fire, feeling super wintery, and talked all things green. Just thinking about the garden made me smile. It was so peaceful. My whole body relaxed when I thought about the green garden to come next spring.

Icing on the cake came when my step dad asked if I wanted some dahlia bulbs this year.

“They’re in the garage!” he said. “Take as many as you want.”

I pictured them in bloom when I stared at those rooty little fellas. My heart just swelled at the sight! Now I will learn when to pull the bulbs from the ground and how to store them each year for our Pennsylvania winters. I need to learn how to care for them, too. I have reading to do!!! And making plans for the things I love bring me great peace.

I can’t say that I’ve ever found peace in something as simple as a brown, hairy little dahlia bulbs, but every day teaches me something new.

What brought you peace this week? Share the peace!

Want to learn with me? Check out this super informative video from one of my favorite Youtubers, Garden Answer!


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