Peace in Handstands

I can’t do a handstand.


It seems like the coolest of the yoga inversions, probably because it’s so hard. It takes time, patience, and control. My body won’t do it until I’m ready.

This is clearly not me. But I’m supposed to visualize my goals. So, I’m picturing this girl in purple…

A few weeks ago, I took a yoga class in NY. It was wonderful. I love seeing what other teachers are practicing.

When we worked on crow pose, someone asked how to shoot her feet behind herself and land in plank.

“What do I have to practice?” the student asked.

“Well,” the instructor said, “it has a lot to do with believing that you can do it.”

I loved her answer. And then I hated it.

There’s a reality to muscle growth, stamina and strength building. There are really steps we can take: actionable goals that will help us work toward crow’s finish in plank.

At the same rhyme, the first step, the middle step, and the last step of achievement are always belief. This is the case in yoga as much as it is in real life.

So, I keep taking steps toward my goals, but I also need to believe. Every day.

And if I’m being honest, belief in myself is always the hardest part of life.

How can I find peace in such tension?

For now, I’ll rely on my body. I’ll listen and trust that it will show me what we can do. Belief is coming. And I can find peace in that.

What brought you peace this week? Share the peace.


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