Peace at the Inlet

A setting sun to the west, a cool breeze from the east, and peace all around us.

This weekend Hubs and I got some time away. We found a sweet cottage in the Hamptons, which was ironically owned by a friend of my mom! How funny and conveniently comforting to learn we could stay in an Airbnb owned by a dear family friend!

We took the time to find a new fishing hole. By hole, I mean a huge open body of water where fishing boats, charter boats, and shrimping boats float by aplenty. We checked out the Shinnecock Inlet, just east of the Ponquogue Beach. We walked along the big jetty and found an open spot among the other fishermen.

Hubs feels so at home as soon as he can ask a fellow angler any of the following questions:

“You catchin’ any?”

“Whatcha throwin’”

“They bitin’?”

“How long you been here?”

“You fish here much?”

He’s being friendly, of course. But he’s also assessing their fishing-style. Lots of fellows at the inlet were not there for a day on the water. They catch fish and bring them home to eat. Those guys are mentally operating from a place of quantity. They won’t leave the jetty until there’s enough for a feast.

I laugh at all of this.

I unfold my towel and sit on the jetty with my journal in hand. I smell the air. I blink and watch the seagulls. I take pictures of the shrimp boat that makes me think of Forest Gump (my favorite movie) and smile.

I am thankful for the sun. And I breathe in the peace.

What has brought you peace this week? Share in the comments! Share a piece of peace.

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