Peace at the Bryn Coed

My favorite tree is just on the side of this photo! Even her bare branches are quite beautiful.

With warmer weather this December, our little family has managed to spend a fair share of our holiday week outside.

Instead of snow we’ve got rain and fog.

“The clouds are low and spread!” LM2 shouts from his view in the backseat. Our own meteorologist seems to know more than the Alexa App these days. I treasure his observations and choice of words.

Wednesday we made it to the Bryn Coed, a preserve close to our house that boasts many beautiful trees, but one in particular that is estimated to be between 100-150 years old.

Hubs downloaded a geocaching app, handed over his cell and let the kids run free while we enjoyed the hike around the preserve. Like little treasure hunters, my kids were SPRINTING toward dirty, crusty, rusty coffee cans hidden in the woods, following a little green dot on the screen.

This was the most peaceful thing we’ve done all week. I love the Bryn Coed in and of itself, but to have the kids completely amused and thrilled by a race toward hidden treats was icing on the cake.

If you haven’t checked out geocaching or this beautiful preserve, I recommend either or. It feels like that Time Travelers Wife movie, where something is left behind for others to discover. Once you hold the find in your hands, we can only wonder about those to discover the caches before us. It’s an inspired little practice. It was fun and silly and interesting and made for a peaceful afternoon.

What brought you peace this week? Share the peace!

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