Peace on a Thursday

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Thursday mornings are one of the only days of the week when all three of our sweet kids are at school at the same time. This morning instead of having errands, appointments, or 1 million other things to do, I had time to sit in the living room with Hubs.

He is still working from home, post pandemic. We brought our laptops into the bright, sunny room where my 20-year-old rusty red sofas (thank you, Natuzzi) are still intact and fairly plush (arguably). With the whole house quiet, this was a space where we could work quietly.

Every now and again, I snuck a glance at Hubs and felt like I did more than 15 years ago, when I met him in Williamsburg, Virginia. We were both in school, then, and one of my favorite places to be on campus was The Swem Library. The quiet of that place, with idyllically large windows facing the quad made it a place that brought me comfort. I think it also brought me peace, but wouldn’t have called it that at the time.

I think I begged poor Hubs (then he was just ‘a guy I liked’) a hundred times to sit in the library with me.

“Why?” he wanted to know. “We can study anywhere.”

“Because it’s the best,” I said.

This sentiment was not driven home. How can a person possibly express the peace a place brings? Peace can very much be an individual experience. And how could peace possibly exist in a library, where the minds of so many young people were whirring and studying, memorizing, note-taking, and buzzing with monkey minds?

Now, here we were, sitting in silence in our living room, on a random Thursday.

And it was SO peaceful.

This was a feeling I knew I wanted to share with Hubs so long ago. In many ways, we have. In all kinds of ways, really. But today’s quiet, the shared workspace, the energy we could put into completely different things simultaneously, it felt really special.

And I was thankful.

What brought you peace this week? Share the peace!

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