Peace in Mistakes

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“Today’s menu has two options: Take it or Leave it!”

Today I tried baking in “not my own kitchen.” This doesn’t have to hang a person up much, but to a novice like me, I found myself totally lacking. I had different ingredients than usual. I used a different oven with various settings I wasn’t sure about. The baking trays were different, too.

Whelp, I’m sorry to say that my cookies looked nothing like cookies.

Nothing cooked right. 
The batter spread everywhere.
The oven was a mess afterward.
Maybe I over-softened the butter (meaning I put too cold butter in the microwave and made it runny. 
Maybe the ingredients didn't congeal enough.
Maybe the oven wasn't hot enough.
Maybe I just wasn't paying enough attention.

These are the moments just itching for peace. These are the times when I need to remember my breath and the bigger picture.

Messing up cookies is not a big deal. Eating flattened “cookie pie cake,” as LM2 dubbed it, is not a big deal. Needing to clean the oven after efforts gone awry is not a big deal.

I seek peace. I remember to breathe. I lower my expectations. Today, I found peace in my mistakes. And I was thankful.

What brought you peace this week? Share the peace!

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