Peace in Fort Building

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on

Snow is always peaceful. Isn’t it? Well, today was a little different. We got snow, followed by rain, followed by more snow. Our driveway quickly became an icy mess. I can’t say it feels peaceful so much as sloshy, icey and yucky. While I wanted to get us up and off to the aquarium today, it seems life had another idea in store.

In this weather, I didn’t want to drive my family of five anywhere. Even if the car has solid snow tires ready for these days, I don’t want to battle with icy sidewalks or parking lots. What I hoped would have been a great sledding day became….kind of mush.

Days like this feel yucky. Yucky moments are often opportunities in disguise.

But WHAT opportunities lay ahead?

A day like today became a time to get creative.

In our house, getting creative usually means building something. Or many somethings. Today we made forts and houses and secret hideouts.


The kids played in their underpants because, why? I HAVE NO IDEA. They told me they were hot. They built feverishly, collecting all the pillows and blankets in our home and making anything they can climb inside. And what’s so peaceful about it is simply the joy the kids find in their production process.

So many stories developed in and around their forts. They incorporated some kind of Minecraft theme today and were building “crafting tables” and “hidden jewels” and “amulets.” It was hilarious to listen in every know and again to see what they were doing. It was awesome and made me thankful for a sloshy rainy snow day at home.

What brought you peace today? Share the peace!

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