Peace in Early Rising

An early morning in the studio is darker than this. Some days, sleeping in works just fine, too.

Ok, y’all, I was a hater. I have always been a late riser. And early risers did NOT make sense to me. I tried it a few times…. and I could NOT get it together for years. My little sister was the early riser of us, and she used to tell me all the time how much better it is to have time in the morning.

For what?



But, why????

The answer is simple.

For anything. For all the things I won’t have time for later. I have this unfair preconceived notion that lots of people who love to get up early do it to work out. But most mornings, I can’t seem to get my body moving. Or, I only want soft, gentle motion as I slowly wake up.

The verdict is in!

I’ve committed myself to testing this practice. It takes a cup of green tea, but before long, I’m up and journaling.

Wow! What a new adventure!

Even if it’s only 15 minutes ahead of everyone else, rising just a little earlier than all my little people gives my mind space to prepare for the chaos to come.

Some other things I want to try in the morning quiet include:

Light yoga, doodling, meditation, light cleaning, tai chi, reading, juicing, and music therapy (like, listening to plinky plinky peaceful sounds to center my soul).

There are no rules. The only goal is to set an intention. I tell myself this time is a sacred gift. Acknowledging and recognizing it as precious and meaningful is the most important part.

It’s all about what I tell myself.

It has taken me a few months. I still falter and hit snooze some mornings. Most of the time, I alternate the early riser mornings with the sleepy time mornings. Mondays are sleepy. Tuesdays have been steady. But I am feeling the benefit of making the effort. I know that when I push myself to rise early, it is glorious. So I keep at it.

One day when the kids are older, I know I’ll be able to maintain a more steady schedule. I know I can. And I’ll want to. But part of being a mom to three right now is allowing myself to be less restrictive. It’s being flexible and deciphering when I can or maybe shouldn’t do something.

Early rising brings me peace. Other days, sleeping in works just as well. What brings you peace? Share the peace!


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