Peace in a Puzzle

Today was another one of those days with a million things to do. Welcome: Holiday Season. It’s days like these when I most need to remind myself to stop for air. Otherwise, I could run around all day without stopping.

Eww. No fun. Not my jam. Mama needs a break.

Today’s pause came in the form of a puzzle.

A few weeks ago, the family stopped at a yard sale. It’s a weird, quirky little activity we enjoy. Yard sales give us time to chat with someone in the community, learn about different neighborhoods, and seek small treasures our family might have use for.

On this occasion, we uncovered a pile of unopened puzzles, sitting undisturbed in their boxes.


This afternoon, after everyone pretty much refused my sunflower butter and jelly sandwiches (spit out on the plate, thanks LM1 for a visual reminder of your dislike), we sat down for one of our new-to-us puzzles.

LM3’s choice was about 100 pieces. Not too big, not too small. Baby bear style all the way.

The puzzle beckoned the children, young and old. Without any prompt they found their way to the living room floor to work on this sweet, silly little playground-scene.

And there was the peace for the day. My moment of calm. The quiet breath that reminded me how slowing down is always a benefit.

My little cherubs worked together excitedly, without whining or fussiness. There was stillness in our figuring of each puzzle piece. I was so grateful.

What about you? What brought you to your happy place today? Share the peace!

“It’s always the small pieces that make the big picture.”

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